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On Weight and Health Weight is not health. Let me say that…

On Weight and Health

Weight is not health. Let me say that now,
I am bad separating the two. Let me also say that now.

Some numbers for you:

I currently weigh 208.7lbs at 6ft tall.
My body fat percentage is pretty frightening at 31% which is the highest its been since high school.

At my best weight, I was about 170 at about 28%.
At my worst I was 260 at 45% (O_O).

At my healthiest I was about 180 and 26% and running 5 or so times a week training for a half marathon in 2010. And defining healthy here as “felt confident and looked good in my skin.”

This week, a friend started a Biggest Loser type contest for attendees of January’s Madtown Kinkfest. No matter what you say, people want to look and feel fantastic during the event and much of what feeds our self-perception, discounting the incessant and blaring societal judgments, is that number. It is nice to feel attractive when you’re running around the evening parties, especially in kinky atmosphere. It is inevitable that you want to look good.

I am attempting to track my progress in the facile, weight-based fashion with a few specific goals, hopefully achievable in 16 weeks.


Cardio based:
– Run a 5k at 9min pace
– Finish a 10miler

Strength based:
– 75 Kettlebell swings at 50lbs
– 1 pull up

– Track intake (just an excuse to use a FieldNotes notebook :))
– Stop carb snacking

I’m most worried about the second goals in all category as they are a stretch. I’ve not run more than 3miles at a time for months nor have I ever been able to do a pull-up (for obvious, one-hand reasons). And keeping away from carbs as been tricky with how we have to stock for some of alyska‘s dietary needs.

These feel emotionally possible though they may well be physically impossible.

In all honesty? I don’t really care if I don’t make those goals in time. I more need the target and maybe a place to talk about it.


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