The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Fire = good!

Electra was really impressively dumb last night. She discovered fire.
Here is an artist's rendition of the events.

We light candels to enjoy the night and watch some Buffy. Electra has never experience fire this close to the ground before. She inspects.
Shortbus approaches the fire

I sit down with my dibnner of clam chowder, which immediate grabs Electra's attention.
Introducing chowder to the mix

But Electra learns fire = bad!
Smoking kitty!

Well, now about a quarter of her tail hair is singed and our house smells like burned cat fur. Since getting spayed she now has a 1in x 3in shaved patch of haor for the pain killer patch she ripped off. 1 .5in x .5 in square shaved from the IV on her paw. The large patch of shaved hair on her belly. And now all that singed fur.

Goodness, is that cat dumb. But so stupidly cute. :)

Ps. I hate this.
Tags: art-paint, cats, electra, fire, lj-communities, revolutions of the brain, tv - buffy: the vampire slayer
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