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Sketchnotes Larger theme: reducing stress, increasing…

Larger theme: reducing stress, increasing mindfulness

I’ve been trying to reduce the amount if stress in my life and increase the amount of mindfulness.

Of the many things I’m trying to change to work towards a mindful life is how I take notes. My current state is untenable. Every meeting is a mad dash to capture every damn thing said so everyone has a reference. I put it upon myself to take notes for everyone.

And I hate it.

It’s turned meetings into disengaging, stressful hours in my day. And, since I spend a lot if time in meetings, is contributing a size able amount if discontent to my day.

So. How do you make notes more fun while still being useful? Sketchnotes. I write about it before here:

Today I tried my first sketchnote and it was categorically different. I started by telling people what i was doing and said they need to capture their follow ups , that I would attempt to track all tasks but not to rely on me. It helped.

Overall, I think it worked. I was still contributing and not hating the note process. And I still managed to get all the important tasks. And was able to write out more detailed notes into my shared OneNote at work.

I think this is going to work well for me.
I just need to get over my drawing skill.

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