The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
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A talent for Brutalism Running at UNC Now: Sitting in a hotel…

A talent for Brutalism Running at UNC

Now: Sitting in a hotel lobby with a decent Scotch after a run and some really frigging good ribs.

Then: Running on UNC’s campus.

North Carolina, Chapel Hill in particular, is exquisite right now. They’ve had some rain and warming weather so there are little pops if color, greens and purples and blues finding sun.

I, of course, took only pictures of the buildings in campus, in particular the Morehead chemistry lab.

Can you guess why?


Guess? Gueeeeeessss..

It’s Brutalist! A Brutalist chemistry building! So if you spill anything toxic, it will be stuck inside and kill you all!

That isn’t true. Brutalist buildings were notorious for leaking.

75° Clear
Morehead Labs, Chapel Hill, NC, United States

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