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Take A Picture It’s a good way to remember. Looking back…

Take A Picture

It’s a good way to remember. Looking back through photos, journals and such has been enjoyable the last few days. I waffle on how much editing I should do. Is it better to keep everything? Is it better to cast people or events in the best light? Is it better to always be engaged in my surroundings?

I used to take a whole lot more photos. Part of that was learning – it took like 5 shots to get the 1 good one. Well, probably more like 50 shots to get the one. I’ve gotten better and take fewer but I do t know if I’m keeping fewer.

I think I’m just way more ruthless with editing than I used to be. I’m more likely to dump an entire set from an event if the photos don’t meet some unspoken bar.

As for engaging, yeah.. I know I used to use the camera as a barrier between me and the world. I’m not so good at small talk, especially if I’m intimidated by a pretty girl or impressive guy. If I’m taking pictures, I can disassociate.

Gives me something to takes the edge if, actually.

Idle hands, anxious mind.

I kind if wonder if I should start carry my camera around more, see if it changes how and if I interact with the world.

I dunno, do you think there’s any truth to having something to do relaxes an anxious mind? I feel like I used to be better socially than I currently am.

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