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Abstraction In relation to wampum, I’m thinking about…


In relation to wampum, I’m thinking about what level of abstraction is right.

The two images here represent the same event, a rather audacious moment in my college life (to be written on later [because I think writing about the significant events I’m considering seems like a really good idea]).

the short of it is that this is the molecule I designed for my Organic Chemistry final.

The interlinked circles are benzene rings linked by a Sulfur atom. The two three-ring plus sulfur belt is the literal view of the molecule as best I can represent in a belt-shaped landscape. The repeated rings are the abstraction.

I like them both right now. I like that the former could be a sort of shrine to that moment.
The latter feels more authentic to the medium.

Which is inaccurate. Wampum belts had no consistent, inter tribal symbolism. The images were representative in that they could be generally understood across the nations but that was more because each symbol was a fairly straight-forward representation of the thing. It was mention of whatever event that gave it meaning.

So… It only really matters that it is understandable given context. It is a tool for oral history, a tool fir discussion and engagement. Which is lovely.

If we consider tattoos as a selfsame tool to invite reflection and discussion, it’s a marvelous thing.

And I believe that’s what I’m seeking. So the second one sort if wins.

Also: a created a template in the iPad app I’m using to better create these consistently. It’s kind of fun.

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