The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Adding value. Been evaluating the Create Something project and…

Adding value.

Been evaluating the Create Something project and am rethinking what the Something *means*.

Specifically, I had a fabulous design meeting at work today. It left me energized and cruising through the next few hours as I wrote up outlines and Next Step tasks for the people involved. I started a design and did some general follow-up. It was really good.

Is this creating something? The results/outputs were of a similar nature to what I’ve been doing so far but it sort of violates my previous requirement that I make it for me. I added value to work, to someone else’s Something.

I think the only distinction stuck in my head is the For Me versus For Others. Much if my mental block prior to this project was my concern over external value of things I was to create.

How much does that matter?

I’m left feeling like it doesn’t matter. The outcome if this project is more about feeling like what I am doing is adding value to the world in some manner.

What do you think? How much should the entity that benefits most from what ever I create matter?

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