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SHIFT or get away from the keyboard

I've been introspecting the last year about creativity, making things and legacy. I've been wondering what motivates me, why I don't do the things I say I want to do. And while I think chewing on my thoughts, exploring many angles and tangents is really good, I've been running into walls.

Many walls. Walls that look very similar but I keep smashing into them. Which leads me to believe it is time to do rather than think.

I'm not much for New Year's resolutions typically but with the last year not ending with anything tangible (by moderns standards of “tangible”) I'm resolving to do something this year.

My goal is simple:

Create something. Everyday.

The bounds of something are pretty loose partially to give leeway to my creativity as well as redefine the value of anything to myself. Before, my definition of creating something of value was entangled with its physical presence. If the thing didn't exist in reality, like a photographic print or hank of rope, it had no value to me.

And that's crap. Digital content has value, it's just different, and I am working actively to divorce this association within myself.

Thus: something can be anything introspective or creative.

I have a few broad categories that will satisfy this (because I need some sort of structure)

  • Journaling: be it for myself or posted to my blog (like this one)

  • Art: a “real” photo with my camera, a fake Polaroid, a poem

  • Thing: rope, or more shibari or something physical.

    Seems so simple and, since the categories are fairly loose and overlapping, it seems doable.

    Let's get cracking, eh?

    9° Cloudy

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