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Sitting samurai – shibari shoot

Sitting samurai - shibari shoot

Sitting samurai - shibari shoot

I have two informal goals for 2013:
Do more photography
Do more shibari

Really, they’re on the same theme: do more creative stuff.

More photography
2012 saw me falling out of practice, not really trying anything with my camera gear, or pushing myself to learn anything new. It’s unfortunate, really, as I normally got tons of satisfaction from it.

I’ve been meh for a couple of reasons, some which persist from previous entries. Digital photography doesn’t produce anything tangible. If I don’t have anything to show for it, what does it matter? I rarely print anything unless for a show, of which there have been few. I’m not sure it would be enough to shoot film more often, which is an exciting challenge since I don’t own a light meter. Or if I should just print more stuff I like.

But that makes more clutter. And expense. And meh?

I don’t get any feedback online because I don’t spend any time building internet relationships. My own fault, obviously, and I don’t fathom how having internet notoriety actually matters. I mean, I’ve never sold wedding packages or prints to people I didn’t know in person.

Excuses are useless though. What’s more important is to just shoot.

Sitting samurai - shibari shoot

Rope rope rope
I’ve been exploring sex and sexuality this last year and it’s been good. Even with trying new things, I come back to shibari most often. I like the smell of the rope, the texture, the lines and intricacy. The INTJ in my likes the reverse puzzle of the ties and the resultant art. The artist in me loves that every tie is unique.

Tactile improv.

Together together
Considering the former, it’s great that I can put the two together. I have two partners that are (mostly) ok with any photos getting published so I can show off both the rope and the photo.
So good for me. :)

Some challenges in the details. Most of these shoots must take place indoors and in the evenings because life is all Lifey and I am absolute crap at flash photography. I ran into significant problems trying to get things to work on this shoot and another on Saturday, none of the photos were good enough to display. I get the principles of flash photography but the actual workings don’t mesh.

In this case, I was in our library with a little window light, a ring flash on my arm which was setting off my SB-800. Only like three of those shots exposed as if there were multiple light sources and I have no idea why.

So, I think I need to screw with that more and potentially get another SB-number flash that will properly talk to the rest of my big rig system.

Or just shoot exclusively outside. In the snow.
In Wisconsin.



Sitting samurai - shibari shoot

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