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Joyce walking tour

I had three things on my list that a absolutely had to do while we were here:

  1. James Joyce literary walking tour
  2. Guinness Brewery
  3. Jameson Distillery

We did Guinness on Thursday and Jameson today. We did the Joyce tour on Saturday. It was cool but sunny. Our tour guide was young, just graduated from Williams in Massachusetts and is taking a year off to apply to graduate schools. The tour group was small, me and @Alyska and four others: Austrian; two Portuguese; another I couldn't tell- young, olive skinned.

A statue commissioned by the businesses at the cross of O'Connell and Henry, by the Millennium Spire. The cross is a frequent location Dubliners and Ulysses.


Our tour guide was pretty hip, yo; especially for a lit major. This was the Gresham Hotel, site if the final store in Dubliners- The Dead.

Our tour guide describes Joyce's research for a scene in Ulysses wherein L Bloom jumps to his cellar door having forgotten his key at the beginning of the book. Joyce sent an Aunt to check if a 38 year old, 225lb man could reasonably make the jump.

Joyce grew up here. Hs house used to be where that street is now.

This is just our feet. The light is constantly phenomenal in this damn city; I'm exceedingly jealous.



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