The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Deep Dash City

Deep Dash City, originally uploaded by ABMann.

Lake Michigan. Lake Shore Drive. Monroe. Millennium park and the Bean. The Magnificent Mile back to the hotel.

It was a short run – I’ve been off exercise for a few months – but it was fast and joyful and I felt powerful. It is runs like this, when I feel exuberant and happy to run it and running it, that I cache away in a corner if my mind. I link it to the slowly growing trove of Ductile Terms I produce on the days when the sugar cravings, the management stresses, the loathing, take hold.

I’m off sugar(again) and dairy (again). Something about this time was far easier than any previous occasions. I think @Alyska helps; she is one of few people that can tut me with e flaming my shame. It’s useful. And, especially now, as I am traveling for work in my favorite city with my favorite foods just blocks from my hotel, I don’t feel a morsel of desire for any of it.

So. I’m going to shower and watch the Bears game and order a breathtakingly huge pile of meat from room service.

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Hyatt Regency

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