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Me and You and X

Me and You and X, originally uploaded by ABMann.

I’m so frequently concerned with my personal life affecting my work life.

I am constantly concerned that people will find out who I am, the things I do in my personal life. There’s the spiral of this inevitably meaning I get fired and die in a ditch from a liver laceration in a bum-fight over the last shriveled pickle in a dumpster.

It works like this in my brain: you and i work together; I have X interest; X interest offends you; you refuse to work with me; my boss finds out; he is equally as offended; I get fired; bum-fight.

I was thinking about this more last week. I accidentally tagged a few emails with my website because I updated my iOS signature but didn’t update the duplicated work account signature. The first think that you see on my blog when you click my photography section is rope bondage (oh noes!). Obviously I was got to encounter just this doomsday scenario with the two people I emailed the link to. Yeah, just two (I checked three times). The following realization hit me:

Of we have worked just fine together before yoit is not my problem if you suddenly can’t work with me because of new information you have about me. I was who I am before y knew X and I am who I am after you knew X.
Who is the lesser person in that scenario?
Not me.

Barriques, Fitchburg, Wisconsin, United States

76 and sunny.

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