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MSN ATL IAH, originally uploaded by ABMann.

Traveling to Houston.

Who’s big idea was it to take two trips in one month? Right, that would be me. I have this terrible habit of doing this since I did it in June. Yes, just two months ago; apparently I don’t learn. At least this isn’t night shifts- rather, I’m supporting a three-provider clinic with regular hours.

Coming home, I’ll have a nice three-day weekend likely to be spent moving heavy things or laying the floor in the library. Yes, it still isn’t done because we lost steam with the friggin’ wall repairs. Fox is painting parts of it this week and, if I can get a proper mitre or table saw, I’ll lay the floor and trim. It would be fabulous to finish it.

With Alyska moving in, we have shelves and chairs to make it a real library. I still want to o the floating "book" shelves for lighting and likely some silver/mirrored end tables to keep the silver color theme Fox and I started in the house. I think it depends on how much Alyska likes our Gothic Glam idea. :)

Who doesn’t like silvered tables?

There’s a dude with Cinnabon sitting across from me….

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