The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
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Tattoo inkling

Tattoo inkling, originally uploaded by ABMann.

Thinking tattoos, the next step in my current forearm tattoo (is it a sleeve if it’s just the forearm?). I have an image in my head but I can’t get it out right. I think it’s an amalgamation of ideas I’ve seen online but I don’t like taking pieces of things from elsewhere.

Which is funny considering what I believe about ideas. True ideas come from the confluence of Random Things combined with review or introspection of Random Things.

Everybody’s experience is different and it’s the confluence of their Things that generates their uniqueness.

So why do I not like taking things piecemeal?

Maybe it’s that I can’t properly spit them out. I’m a visual person who can’t draw or sculpt or paint. I’m good with representing reality not creating my own.

I think all I have is words.

Dreamcatching in words: This wraps around my current bear paw. The law is centered inside the round catcher part. The catcher is a muddle of vines and thorns and sticks with occasional leaves protruding from it. It is organic and messy. I see it as if drawn entirely by a sharp ink pen. It is unevenly bound in leather cords with a occasional purple bead.

Attached at 5 o’clock on the circle are two eagle feathers, long bad thick and flowing. At the tips, as if tattooed into the feathers themselves, are two wolf paws, one on each feather.

Attached at 9 o’clock is a delicate metal chain ending in a clockwork gear. I think. There’s something there I can’t fully see.

Maybe that’s part of it. It is incomplete.

Or that I haven’t that sort of artists mind. I can represent facets of reality with photography, invoke a particular feeling or emphasize a detail with adjustments and cropping.

It’s probably a matter of experience. But, at least, with the iPad sketching tools I’m not wasting a good piece of paper.

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