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Lifeblood, originally uploaded by ABMann.

Coffee is just one of those things like blood or air. Sure, you don’t need it but you certainly want it if you prefer to continue living.

As is likely apparent, I’m trying to more regularly journal my brain. It’s part of a larger effort to reflect better on my life and Figure Things Out. Sort of Commonplacing Mark 2: The Commonerplacing. If you recall, I was attempting to better introspect by capturing more Stuff and Things and turn it into some sort of super journal. More here:

I encountered a few problems.
First: I am lazy about processing the things I capture. Second: I am writing for you and not for me.

I think the first was more a symptom of the second insofar as I didn’t have a good reason to process most stuff. My brain screams that if there is no audience, there is no reason to do anything. Which is especially mental when I’m a super introvert.

(See what I did there?)

Feeling as if I have no audience, or moreso an incorrect audience, creates a whole bunch of other blockages. let me list them so you, too can laugh at my silly think meats. "No one cares if it doesn’t have a picture." "You can’t just post a passage from a book without context." "It is worthless drivel if you don’t analyze it and come to a conclusion." "Stop whining." "Fatty."

That last one is a jerk.

So. I’ve decided to change the way I’m doing the processing and analysis by changing the audience. I can’t be doing things for you. I have to do it for me. This seems self evident but the interconnected isolation that is the modern world blurs the line between seat and stage. I think I was caught in the blur.

In the tertiary, I’ve switched the toolsim using to a straight journaling application on my iPad that can post to my blog or Twitter if I like. I’m not sure what will and won’t are it outside but that’s less important. The benefits are that I feel less pressed to share everything and more OK with capture all the random snippets I’m interested in. Too, the app organizes things for me and I was terrible at it in the other applications. Just terrible. And it is a very pretty and easy to use application. Details here:

We’ll see what I do with it.

Now: to planning more of my Ireland trip with Alyska.

81° Hazy
Madison, Wisconsin, United States


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