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Some dude friended me on Flickr last week and promptly starred all my photos where my arm is visible. Ok, I'm used to amputee fetishists popping up occasionally and generally have a "ok until you get creepy" policy. You go creepy, I block the crap out of you.

Dude got creepy today. His semi graphic and weird email under the cut!

Have you ever used your "nub" for sex?

I am gay and I have several girls who I am servicing with my "nub"
They enjoy it so we do it - - -they have told friends and two more have approached me - - -Good part about my "nub" is - - it always is hard. - - -I may need a little help - -they love to be rubbed with it - -and that I like to do - - then I insert it - - and move it in and out and around - - --
they go wild - - - -they get an orgasism from my inserted "nub"
They love it because they know that they will not get pregnant.
I am at the wrist - -about 7 inches around - -A big dick - -if it was.

I would like to talk to you - - - -feel free to talk to me.

I assume you are gay after seeing the guy holding that big "pecker"


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