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Whisky Blender

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If you have not heard, there’s a new and fantastic site wherest one may blend their own scotch.

It’s really well done. In the lab, you are presented with 7 scotches to blend each with a short name and description of the flavor notes. You can choose increments of as much as 100ml or 10ml to generate your blend. Which is kind if a ridiculous specificity that scotch nerds will go nuts for. So: fill your bottle, tweak your choices and give it a label to complete.

The scotch I made was as follows:

  • Touch of Spice 300ml
  • Smoke on the Water 290ml
  • Vanilla Fudge 110ml

The 110/290 split was an accident. I intended to cut the SotW to 200ml and up the Fudge to 200. But, ah well. I will say that my scotch is really nice. The smoke and sweetness are lovely, balanced. It is not as spicy as expected but I rather like that as the vanilla is more pronounced through. I actually like this scotch more than the Oban I bought for International Whisky Day.

My favorite part, aside from the delightful folks manning their twitter feed (@Whisky_Blender) is that the labels are hand written.

It’s the details, folks.

More photos below.




Pooh approves.


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