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9.75 years

I don't have much else to say beyond what lady_fox already said here.

I feel better than expected with our romantic relationship ending and am glad she still wants to live with me. Both I think we get along well, especially with less stress because of this change, and I enjoy having her around.

I suspected I went through the various grief stages over the last month as we talked about us and me and her and the like. This would explain some of the serenity. I am, ultimately, unsurprised which is telling; and I expect it is because we both changed and grew apart and did not tend appropriately to this separating. Such is life.

I feel like I've failed in some aspects but am pleased that we are both friends. I am sad but am not beating myself up over anything.

Yes, and not hating the person who owns half your home is a benefit too. :)
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