The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Home Screen Tango

Home Screen Tango, originally uploaded by ABMann.

Every few weeks I review my App Habits and decide what things should be reorganized on my home screen. It is ostensibly about efficiency – fewest taps and swipes to the apps I use the most. I figure of I keep it tight I could save like a whole hour a month in iPhone use.

Yes, I’m dubious about that too.

But it is also useful to audit and simplify what apps I have to at least keep things organized. That is likely useful enough to keep my brain agile.

I finally moved to my second screen. Sadface.
Instagram is back on top as my photo flow on my iPhone is now Hipstamatic> Istagram because Hipstatic doesn’t reduce their filter strength with every update.
Carcassonne is on top. Dude, play way too much (name is ABMann! Let’s play!)
Dicenomicon moves up! I’ve actually stopped using physical dice in most cases.

And no background change this month. I love my retro Apple logo.

Next likely change: moving games folder all together. I only play Carcassonne and Words with Friends….

So do you, fair reader, reorganize your apps regularly? Do you count taps?

What does your home screen look like!?

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