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We are not Lost but Waiting Until No One is Here - Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist — LiveJournal
We are not Lost but Waiting Until No One is Here

I looked through my Flickr account this morning – work waned some local “Madison Spirit” photos – and I found it kind of sad. There are huge gaps in taken/upload date. Most of the last year of stuff has been mediocre – certainly not my best work. It’s frustrating.

I’m not even sure why it’s all falling away. I’m not really that much busier today than, say, a year ago. I think I may (have been) somewhat more depressed this last year though I believe that’s getting better. Otherwise, I’m at a loss.

I always have my camera with. Granted, it isn’t as convenient as my iPhone, which I’m using far, far more frequently. Do you think, maybe, that’s the case? It’s convenience?

I sort of wonder if the fact that my camera is in pieces in my bag all the time deters me from using it. Part of me things that I should want to use it all the time.

Or maybe I’m just in a slump.

So for you, all you peeps with cameras:
Does convenience matter that much?
Should it?

And how do you re-invigorate your interest in art?

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alyska From: alyska Date: June 21st, 2011 03:40 pm (UTC) (Link)
For me, convenience does factor in quite a bit. Hauling around all that glass and wrangling a heavy camera body gets exhausting quickly.

Now that point and shoots are getting better in quality, I've been tempted to get something like that for every-day picture taking, but then I'd miss the versatility of interchangeable lenses, so it's six and one half dozen of the other.

I also find my creativity drops off quickly once something in perceived as "work." Depression does factor into this, but I find that if I can't take joy in what I'm doing, I'm less likely to allocate the energy to doing it in the first place.
nidea From: nidea Date: June 21st, 2011 04:27 pm (UTC) (Link)
Art interest waxes and wanes. I find that cleaning up my studio space can engender happy accidents, like "oh, THAT's where I put that" or "Hmm, those things go well together" or "I don't think I need this... oh wait, I can turn it into THIS instead." I'm into a bunch of different fiber things, so sometimes I switch off. I tend to spin wool more in the fall, sew more in the summer, and knit when I know I'll have free time to sit around.

Work-type craft projects (like my current cozy order) are fun for me, but I do tire of a given one after a certain point. I like thinking of ways to streamline my various projects. Another side hobby is organization, like finding a better storage solution for various items. Actually, I think using up my supplies by making things is the best answer for that.

Convenience definitely matters -- I can carry my tiny Canon with me, and often do, but I don't always have a free moment to actually take pictures. Maybe one of these days while K's in preschool I'll stroll around and do that for a few hours. But, I don't have ambitions of being a Serious Photographer. However, I love knitting and embroidery because I can carry them to a picnic or while riding in the car, and work on them while being social. Sewing at the machine is a different beast.

I don't know, do you want to eat your favorite food all the time? I don't think you should be too hard on yourself about that. One thing that helped me push through the post-baby-birth blues was a big list of "things to do when the baby is sleeping" which just kept me busy. A "fake it till you make it" thing. Plus my memory wasn't working so well, and I had to write everything down. So, if you generate a list of photo ideas (including challenges with friends, contests, or whatever), you can just do one whether you're inspired or not, and then the inspiration will come. Or it won't, and you'll do something else.
From: thegelf Date: June 22nd, 2011 02:52 am (UTC) (Link)
Going to see awesome art tends to remind me why I like to do it in the first place, when my motivation dries up.
zesty_pinto From: zesty_pinto Date: June 23rd, 2011 04:54 pm (UTC) (Link)
I thought it was because you spent most of your time running. Because that's what I remember most of your recent posts to be about.

I feel like I've not been getting better shots these days but blame it on propriety: concert work has had me juggling being polite while trying to find the artistic, and I've been leaning towards the former these days despite how dumb it is.
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