The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Paper Awesome

Paper, originally uploaded by ABMann.

We started remodeling the bedroom cum library and found this little gem tucked behind the cabinetry.

This weekend I’ll be ripping up the floor and maybe the stupid drop ceiling.

    Just a few things, y’all:</p>
  • had an overall excellent weekend with userinfolady_fox after hitting a turbulent patch.
  • I’m having a bad allergy day and I feel like I have a blob of goo between my eyes.
  • I’m addicted to Google Reader and the Reeder apps on my iDevices.
    • Any interesting feeds to recommend?

  • Looking forward to iOS 5 and OS X Lion but I’m not sure my laptop supports the latter.
  • Had to do the Big Bad Boss thing for the first time yesterday and I think it went pretty well.
  • I really need a haircut.
  • Need to edit photos from wedding.
  • Bacōn – bacon cologne.
  • Also: Down another five pounds and I've been running more and longer with fewer breaks (again).

Lastly. SOMEBODY with whom I had a great date heckling and analyzing the Republican debates last night (with bourbon so we didn’t actually get angry.. [we finished the bottle]) has been teasing me with images from her RSS reader.

How are you, world! I’m still a photographer, I swear.

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