The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

What started out as a conversation about The Real Housewives of New Jersey and the sort of brain-smut shows like that are.....
abmann:  I think you could use a good brain leaking.
 alyska:  Possibly, but it's a right bitch to get out of the carpet..
 abmann:  Showercap?
 alyska:  Hmm..  Would it have rubber duckies on it?
(devil duckies, maybe.)
 abmann:  It can have whatever you like, I suppose.  Having never bought a showercap, I'll just assume they come in infinite and arbitrary styles.  Like catci-studded.  Or Chrysler Building.
 alyska:  I've never really worn one, so I'm not entirely sure..
 abmann:  Well.  You're missing out.  I mean: Chrysler Building is pretty sexy in a showercap.
 alyska:  It'd certainly make for a kickass photo shoot.
Off picnic point, do you think?
 abmann:  Sold.  Shower caps for everyone.
 abmann:  I upload a photo of me in a tie [to OkCupid -ed.] and suddenly get 7 hits in 20 minutes.  Must be that the icon doesn't show my face.
 alyska:  Heh.
Or you have very good taste in ties.
 abmann:  I do have good taste in ties.  This does not, necessarily, invalidate my previous statement.
 alyska:  No, but it does provide and alternative theory.
(Sorry, looking for Chrysler Building shower caps on google..)
 abmann:  ha!
Also: having more hypothesis doesn't not invalidate previous ones.
Same idea, 10 dollar word.
 alyska:  No, and the word you're looking for is hypotheses.
"more hypothesis" makes me picture collecting them.  Like Hummel figurines.
 abmann:  Pbbbtl
 alyska:  aaw.  most of the chrysler shower caps I'm finding are for cars.
Though this was an interesting read:
Oh, the "colors."
 abmann:  That is neat.
 alyska:  Also, you've made the first page of google search results for "shower caps."        
ABMann‎ Are you discussing the potential sexiness of shower caps? Well, I am. [Twitter -ed.]
 abmann:  I'll probably help some fetishist sleep well tonight.
 alyska:  Hey!
THERE'S something for your fetlife profile!
 abmann:  "Totally sets the standard for shower cap fetishists"
 alyska:  And a picture of you wearing a cupcake showercap.
(though I think you're only allowed to callibrate your fetishes as "into" or "curious about.")
 abmann:  Yes, this couldn't possibly lead to me drunk in a gutter.
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