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Knife goes in, guts come out.
Comments go in, spreadsheet comes out.
Knife goes in, guts come out.

Apparently people cannot read:
Please rate each module on a scale of 1-10 where:
1 = Pleasurable to use, no negative impact to workflow
10 = Cannot complete workflow without significant problems, causes extreme user frustration

Hey people, what would you use if X thing was really good, according to this scale?

Not hard, not hard. So why are people messing it up?

EDIT: My Sister, like all good Ringlands, avoided the southern Thailand beaches. She is safe in the north.

This is the email my father sent about her safety (this will help you understand him and me better):

Kristin called this morning. She is fine and was in north Thailand, far away from the coast.

Bought the 26" Aquos LCD HDTV
[he got a fat bonus at work and had been debating the TV with me over dinner on Friday]. Friday Comcast comes with the HD box. Its very nice but the picture is not as crisp as I thought. It may get better with the real HD cable box and good cables. Still a lot better than the old one.


EDIT 2 (wherein we reference the original post):

I think it can look confusing when there is a slot with multiple openings and multiple blocks, when some are used up, the look is confusing. Focus, people. Focus! (And grammar; oiy the grammar.)
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