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Above and Atop

I seem to be getting somewhere.

First off, I changed my eating habits. I've come to believe that the standard American diet is likely the cause of numerous and ever-increasing problems - obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer's, heart disease and even erectile dysfunction. After reading studies, articles and various blogs I have decided human kind was never intended to eat grain - especially in the quantity that we do.

Thus: I've been eating almost no grain in nearly any form, no gluten, no sugar and have been loading up on vegetables and saturated fats - red meat, fowl, butter - for over a week now.

Within two days, I had more energy than I think I ever had before - even when i was fitter last summer and ran the Madison Mini Marathon. I've been sleeping better (when I stay hydrated, which has always been a problem for me). I've even cut back on coffee and dairy because I just don't want them as much anymore.
    As example, I worked three night shifts in the ED last week and had literally no issues staying awake and perky and had one 4oz cup of coffee the second night. And I think that was likely because I was bored and thirsty. Too, I had no hunger pangs or headaches when I didn't eat between 4pm and 1 am each of those nights.
It's revelatory.

And I've lost over 10 pounds since then with, again, no dip in energy levels or migraine or any of the associate BLAHs of dieting. Actually, I've barely been limiting my calories. I think I fluctuate between 1800 and 2200 a day naturally. I just think my body is doing what it needs to be doing. Current weight: 199 (210 on 5/5ish)

So. Clearly this is good for me and I'm not just basing that on the weight loss but my generally happier demeanor and increased energy levels.
    Here are some links for the curious:
    Primal Blueprint
    The Carbohydrate Curve
    A Paleolithic Diet
    Ketogenesis and Epilepsy
    Alzheimer's as Type III Diabetes
    Evolution of the Human Diet (long video)
    The Case Against Gluten: for everyone
    Leaky gut and diet
    Fat Head (documentary about obesity and American diets)
    Sugar and HFCS metabolic process in the body (long video)

Secondly, I'm trying be less a putz about my relationships. You have to invest time in things if they are to flourish and I've been lacking in that department.

Thirdly - this includes creative endeavors, fo' sho.

So. That's been the last week in my life. Burning fat for fuel and feeling much, much better for it.

Also: I keep forgetting to offload photos!
Also also: I'm on vacation tomorrow and Friday!
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