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And the "we have a final design" serendipity continues as we keep finding additional things for the room. Like this light.

Life, otherwise, continues apace. lady_fox and I went to an underwhelming Cirque show last night. Now, let me say these things before you call me a Philistine:
  1. It was still a Cirque show.
  2. It is a Cirque show and should have a high standard.
The audience seemingly didn't want to be there in that they were kind of "meh" when there was a slight pause for applause and were even actively discouraging some people from being enthusiastic. Thus, the feedback loop that is the audience-performance cycle wasn't working and, subsequently, the performance was without power. It wasn't a bad show (see point 1) but it was flat (see point 2).

Life sidenotes include:
  • I am frustrated with my father who wants to retire, feels like he is unable to do so or lack of savings, and (I interpret some terse emails as [I own my interpretation and cannot assume it was his intent]) sort of jabbing me for asking him to come see a Mahler concert in May.
  • Typical poly annoyance with the dating scene
    • What dating scene?
  • Work is actually looking good with a few transfers ultimately giving us a leg up in an area were were struggling in.
  • Visit with the nutritionist yesterday was.. odd.
  • Ditching DishNetwork next month in favor of ad hoc AppleTV downloads
    • Looks like we can buy as-it-airs shows we watch (Top Chef, Project Runway, Supernatural et al.) and that cost will be less monthly than a TV subscription.
    • Also, I can repairs the stupid hole stupid installer guy put in the house.
  • I think I booked one wedding with another tentative if they can get money for my fee together.

    Now: lunch
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