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Also because the caffeine needs to start working.

Tonight I have the house all to my lonesome. Regarding a Twitter comment, were I more well versed in the womanizing thinger, I'd totally partake in gobs of debauchery while lady_fox is in Houston. I suspect she would encourage this.

Like I said in passing last year, I have probably locked myself into the Apple Nerd Cycle with iPad and, as the iPad 2 debuted yesterday, sure... I'm probably going to get that one too. In fact, I'm probably going to brave the retail store on the 11th to save fuel costs of shipping.

Related side bar: HP to RIM: Our iPad Challenger is more Original than yours
    Hewlett-Packard and Research in Motion, two companies that haven’t officially launched their first tablets yet, talking smack to one another the day before Apple debuts its second.

Quick summary of my thoughts, because that matters so much to anyone and the industry.
  • I think the extra processing power is going to open the door on Photography apps.
  • Smart Covers are cool, but I don't really care.
  • GarageBand is insane at $4.99
  • I'll take mine in White

    Ok, this was really just an excuse to type "womanizing" and "iPad" in the same post because, dude, they do NOT go together.
    No wonder I can't get a date. :)
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