The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

What it Is to Drink The KoolAid

What it Is to Drink The KoolAid, originally uploaded by ABMann.

  1. We drove to Missouri this weekend. I actually enjoyed it. I blame Amistad.
  2. Read Scott Pilgrim this weekend. Comic was fine but it didn’t hit its stride until the last book which is unfortunate.
  3. Scott Pilgrim movie is fantastic minus some wooden acting from both leads. I”m watching through it again with commentary right now.
  4. The warmer weather is getting me thinking about ultra running again.
  5. Was gifted a sizable Amazon giftcard from userinfolady_fox‘s mom which has become many, many Kindle books.
    • Starting with Mark Twain’s autobiography. mmmm meaty.
  6. And a Dyson animal vacuum (!!)
  7. Skimmed work email on Saturday and noticed something that will be very, very exciting but I’m on vacation today so I’m ignoring it.
  8. Duuuudeee… Property tax and mortgage interest tax deductions are nuts.

OK. Go to the gym, slacker!

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