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Silver Lessons? What's a "Silver" lesson??

I'm waiting for an install on my machine (that's the story I'm telling people at least).

Taken from

Common approaches to contrast and conflict inadvertently instigate and sustain endless wars, disputes, and disintegration. Consequently, endless tendencies to antagonism must be addressed with concepts for change; to be regularly contemplated for conflict resolution. Therefore, in order to magnify opportunities to relieve opposition with perspectives for harmony, the Oracle for The Way To See (W)hole® highlights alternatives to customary orientations to life.

Now, I really like what this guy is trying to say, but what's with the flowers? So many unnecessary words that makes me think this guy is, in fact, a moron. I just bugs me that this is directed toward Bush (and all citizens but the radio commercials are REALLY biased) and I'm not sure why. I think it's because this is so horridly biased, what with the explosion sounds and over echoed voice over. It's terrible and tries to sound so bloody haughty. I think nathan_lounge knows precisely what I'm talking about, given his particular experiences with another person and "good writing."

It doesn't SAY anything except I'M SMARTER THAN YOU! Well, not in so few words.
Check the site. Try the Oracle. While I like what it's trying to do, I think in the current world people are going to get pissed at the results. Also, the text describing the Oracle:
In order to relate self-cultivation to global challenges to human development as a (W)hole®, once a day, or occasionally, click on all three boxes; then pause for your oracle.

Good idea, terrible vehicle. Dumb dumb dumb.
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