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Chicago In Miniature

Chicago In Miniature, originally uploaded by ABMann.

Took the weekend in Chicago, as previously stated, with friends. We visited userinfophoenix_snake‘s work place which includes a 47th floor reception area for clients. The view of the lake was rather nice. But, as I am wont to do, I took pictures more of the cityscape and the people all.. doin’ stuff. I killed my battery on it.

This photo, though is not from the 47th floor. This is from the Lego Store on Michigan Ave. Directly behind me was a giant Lego tarantula. I found it necessary to tilt-shift the photograph. Such a neat effect. I’ll post the original for comparison tonight. In this case I think the processing takes a fine photo and makes it much more interesting.

This is also using a newly created Aged Black and White filter in Aperture. I tend to add a green-gold hue to many of my BW conversions.

Today? I have a headache. Shades drawn. Low ambient light. Coffee and two liters of water.

I’m also listening to an interesting musician. Check her out: Kathryn Dearborn.
Harpsichords with a hint of dollop of moody. Her current album (The Temptress) tends towards Goth on most tracks.

And I love harpsichords.

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