The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

I am In the City, Above the City, Behold the City

Had a lovely weekend in Chicago visiting userinfofeodoric and userinfophoenix_snake. Lots of wandering the city, Portillo’s, pizza and conversation.

I took something like 120 photos on Saturday until my battery died. Lots of great shots – more landscapes than people. Which is, I think, the first time ever in my photographer’s life.

I suspect it was the cold and the clouds. The former reduces subjects, the latter evens high contrast textures.

Too bad I didn’t have my 10-20 but dang if I don’t love my nifty-fifty. Especially in doors.

I’m being really slow about finishing the roll in my Kiev.

Second to lastly: I need to re-organize my Flickr photos.
Lastly: I actually enjoyed driving my car to and from Chicago, even in slick weather on the way down.

Go Bears!

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