The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

The Bellows

The Bellows, originally uploaded by ABMann.

Did I mention that we found a metric crap ton of cameras at the antiques mall?

Well. We found a metric crap ton of cameras. Mostly Kodak models – 4 or so Brownie Hawkeyes, another 6 Brownies, a handful of later 35mm Kodak models – like this impressively clean and well-kept number.

[info]Alyska collects them and, while she does the inspection, I take pictures.

I love this sort of photography. And I’m jonesing for some straight street now that we’re getting to the dwindling part of winter.

Did I also mention that I entered a contest to win an M9? It is my ultimate camera and I’ll never afford one without some sort of insane tax magic, massive inheritance, bank robbery or space invaders.

The Bellows

The Bellows

The Bellows

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