The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Could I, I should Burn Away The Ice; The Layers Hiding The Spring

I stayed home with a headache the size if a gorilla today. He was smelly and didn’t share the covers well but I eventually shrunk him to a manageable size this afternoon.

And then promptly made up for not working by doing laundry, dishes, cat boxes and some other stuff, like cleaning a drain of lint. Fun

Drugs are a glorious thing.

Still. A little achey but better and I got to watch the snow a little. A touch anemic but it does mean a so ate of accidents tonight, probably, with the ice and light dusting.

I considered taking some unclothed portaits in the yard but the neighbors have been out there all afternoon.

[Thoughts on the photo]

So. Have the outline of my naked foot instead.

I used my quick light leak CS4 action. It doesn’t work as well for strong leaks, the ones that almost burn the paper. I suspect I’ll have to make a new action for those as they work better for color photos too.

I love diptychs. It’s storytelling for photos without people.

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