The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Madison, the streets were empty

Madison, the streets empty, originally uploaded by ABMann.

There’s one thing I need to remember, one thing that should be my mantra as I look to more photography, more galleries, more art:

    You gotta go where the people are.

Self-evident, sure, but I need to remind myself of this frequently. My favorite art, the photography that really gets be going, requires me to be around people doing people-y things.

From that comes the rest – inspiration, vigor, creativity, confidence.

[Thoughts on the photo]
I’m not big on black and white generally unless I’m shooting film – something about the fidelity of film changes the feel of a photo to me. Otherwise, I don’t like converting to black and white unless I’m divorcing the photograph’s contents from the context.

In this case by removing the color, I’m emphasizing composition:
Shadow versus light from corner to corner.
The contrast of site lines there in and the brick.
The lack of people.

Truth be told, this photo is boring in color but in black and white I can appreciate the mechanics of the photo more than were it in color.

What do you think about black and white photography? Most of the classic photographs, my favorites in fact, are black and white. Most street photographers prefer it, some rabidly so.

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