The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Selection is Key to Proper Donut Eating

It has been a week. Work has calmed down and a number of very good things have happened. Of curse, that means something has to explode in my personal life has to explode to keep Proper Balance, right?

Suffice that my insurance agent screwed up. Again. And I will likely have to pay for it. I am, however, going to a new agent tomorrow when they open to rectify the stupidity.

Also: a party happened last Saturday and I have photos in need of developing. Should be interesting as everyone likes 3200 ISO grain.

I’m wanting a lighter camera and keep finding the GF1 or EP1 lacking some quality – like easy-access aperture and shutter settings or reliable, crisp sensors. Thus, I am, as is a frequent thing with me, returning to maybe, possibly, actually, potentially, theoretically, hypothetically contemplating the purchase of a used Leica M8. IR sensitivity aside, it seems like good way to buy into the quality and the mystique while getting the compactness and keeping the usability.

And, based on my searching, they actually maintain their worth pretty well. I could theoretically trade up in a few years. These last two sentences are just to serve as cognitive dissonance reduction when I re-read this tomorrow.

Now if it could reduce the last bit of my debt, well I would feel fine about it entirely.

I hear a Leica is the last camera you buy.

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