The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
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firey copy, originally uploaded by ABMann.

This week should be interesting. As stated before, the deadline was pushed to next week, Thursday, rather than last week Thursday. I signed up for training and a go live in tis next two weeks thinking that, sure, I’d be totally fine.

Internet, oh the things that came up last week because of the deadline shift. O Internet! Thee two weeks are going to be superawesomenifty fun! I swear!

Additionally, still need to kick ass practicing for my Layer Tennis qualifier on Friday. I downloaded over 100 fonts and textures, over 1000 vector shapes in preparation.

The cast but? I had no idea that you could import/export custom shapes in Photoshop and now I shall never have to make a shape myself ever again.

Yes, I am taking this qualifier seriously.
Also: this is my favorite qualifier match in their archive.

Photo: my interpretation of November thus far.

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