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Super goth powers!

I had a hypothesis, when I was a jerky jerk jerk in High School. That hypothesis (well, I called it a theory because I didn't know better) was that kids that dressed like goths had a super power. I figured that no one would WANT to be that ostracized without getting something really cool out of it.... That's a lie. I glamourized those people becasuse they had friends, but that's beside the point.

My friend Tim and I would joke about the powers that each of our goth acquaintances had and run through silly scenarios in our head. These ideas eventually crystallized to the Uber goth - Billy, who was goth by choice and had no powers, or so I decided with this paragon for anti-cliquism. My friend Brendan used this character in a game later that year. Billy made his first appearance in a V:tM game run by my friend Brendan. He was a scrawny goth kid that had stupid amounts a power he didn't understand. Our, mine and my friend Jon's, characters decided to take billy with us. We won the game because of this.

Billy became an object of weird power. I used him whenever I GM'ed a game as an NPC, a weapon, something stupidly powerful that the characters would use - I still use him (he was in my Exalted campaign but no one found him). This character took a life of his own. He was the wuss that could explode power. He was the dork that glued vampire teeth to his face. He was Ubergoth.

This idiotic Ubergoth even starred in my first webcomic, back before I had any graphic art skills. I used MS Paint, surprisingly well I might add.

Now, I mention tis because I FOUND THE OLD COMICS! They were on my secondary drive. They survived 6 yearsw and THREE computers. THREE! I'm excstatic. They're so bad. However, with comics like Death to the Extremeist you don't need skillz to have an amusing comic, I'm thinking of doing the silly thing again. You know, it takes like half an hour to make the thing since it's so basic and I don't have that much time to devote to something like that (yes, Animus was good, but waaaaaaay to time consuming and hard to get together).

Why I'm telling you all this?
Careful. They're lame. Lame in a good</font> way!

PS: This comic was also the birth of the original Angrybunnyman. He was Billy's neighbor, a surly amputee war vet that was always smoking. He was Billy's only friend, even though he hated Billy. They're probably the first semi-robust chracaters I created. They had history, even if they were cliché.

Yeah. I was bored in High School. Who wasn't?

EDIT: Why isn't this entry showing on my friends list?
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