The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Superhero Mann

Superhero Mann, originally uploaded by ABMann.

Rather than rely on font parity across platforms, why not use a layout that can account for variation?

Flexibility as it were.

So: Have I mentioned how much I like said flexibility? Ten minutes for the new layout. Then, like, 30 to get the colors right. I had to get the link color to match my tie, ok?

I did, though, report the font disparity to my service providers as they thought everything was supposed to work too. Some HTML 5 magic. I’m sure they’ll figure something out but in the interim, I think this layout work better.

Additionally, I updated my portfolio gallery. It’s hard filtering everything. I even trimmed this one which is a regular favorite but it doesn’t feel like me.

Is that conceited? Maybe it’s the difference between being commercial or artistic?

I disabled that banner that comes from the WordPress > Livejournal copy because it was annoying me. So, I assume that it annoyed you too.

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