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The Piecemeal Man

Into the Platinum Waters Runs our Spirit

I’ve been extending and adding and upgrading portions of my website and various on-line bits. I feel like some sort of cyber-cyborg, which seems like redundancy. Specifically, I’ve built the bones of a blog at which essentially mirrors what I post to LJ – I suppose I’m just not willing to believe LJ is dead.

Actually, technically LJ mirrors Blog.abmann but who’s counting?
I know, you are but that’s because you’re anal.

I think I’ve also figured out a better way to host a contact form on that makes it more obvious than the little contact button in the upper left. Discretion is good and all but if I’m actually trying to get anywhere with it, people need to contact me more easily. The form isn’t ready yet as I had some domain-creation and propagation issues last night but should be relatively straight forward to create after a run tonight.

The next step – and always the hardest step – is figuring out how to do print ordering and contract inquiries. I want some centralized way to do it but haven’t figured out the best way to do it as, say, a new line on the site akin to the blog, shoots and twitter sections.

Part is that I’m negative on Etsy as it’s only worthwhile/profitable if this is a significant percent of one’s income as I can’t (or maybe won’t) pay listing feels for each print I’m trying to sell. That seems expensive and annoying to track.

So that search continues. Always so elusive. Perhaps my desire to keep it integrated with all my other stuff is keeping me from actually making money from photography? Probably.

How do you do it? How do you manage your businesses and on-line identities?

Technically an outtake as it didn’t fit into the narrative but I loved the silhouette. I did some interesting processing to get the color gradient – it involved channel layers and extra contrast to make the silvered water in the lower left corner and, hopefully, draw the eye to [info]labelle77‘s vibrant hair.

Sidenote: I’m liking the regular Saturday photo shoots. :)

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