The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Good day. Much, much better day compared to yesterday which surprises me on some level.

I often don't feel as if a day has been good unless I've done something creative. I was not creative today, not in an artistic sense really. I did go shopping and put the second hard drive into my new machine - which was really hard. I'm not happy that it is currently held in there with duck tape because I don't have a drive mount. How hot do hard drives
get, if it's a secondary drive? Hrmm. Need to buy a mount tomorrow.

In one fell swoop I now have all my music back and StepMania, along with a few other nifty things (like Illustrator and most of my older poetry from school).

So I did thopse things and watched movies. I did step up my work out. Added 20 lbs to my straight press and 30 to leg lifts. Haven't added weight to anything else, may be my crunches but I'm not really paying attention to the weight I use there.

Can't think any more. Simpsons calling.

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