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Bag - 9/26

Bag - 9/26, originally uploaded by ABMann.

Lex Pearce and fliege_wasser both did this and I'm a sucker for the What's In Your Bag Flickr group. So, stuff!

The load has gotten even lighter since I swapped the iPad for the netbook which was a win all around. I've been carrying the iPad naked because it fits better. I actually like it without the case better, the experience feels more immersive.

Other stuff in it:
Bottle caps, in case of apocalypse. (What started as an accident became a bottle cap or two in every bag I have)
Pens and Sharpies. buttons -I'm in a show with them this weekend.
USSR cigarette case with my cards.

SHOW NOTE! Friday night 10/1 at 7 in the Overture center is the christening party for the weekend show. I, along with a number of other nifty artists, have pieces up.

I'll be here - Pointy Kitty Studios - as alyska has lent me wall space for the weekend. So, you should come out and see my prints and oogle her jewelry.

Lastly I saw Lex and Zee today after, wow, many years. And it was nifty. Lex made me excellent coffee. :
Angry Bunny Latte
And she called me legendary - as in mythical beast. :D

Last lastly:
The following people should do a "what's in my bag" post.
And it would be hilarious if she actually saw this: beatonna

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