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I got up at 5am today to test something that required forcibly breaking important functions in an environment. It didn't work and now I have to do it again tomorrow assuming the developer and lead tester can figure out what's wrong with the environment.

Donc; you get a zonked kitty photo I found while cleaning up my laptop photo library last night. I'm giving in and taking advice from @starven and re-installing my operating system this week. Maybe that will clear out all the excess crap and speed up my 4 year old laptop.

If that doesn't work, I'll finally upgrade to Snow Leopard I guess.


I've also started watching my calorie intake, both amount and makeup, again in the hopes of shedding some weight to run a little faster as well as stave off the winter weight gain. I've also gained 5 pounds in, I think, the last month because I've been eating just stupid badly.

I've forgotten how to make time for photography.
I've also likely forgotten how to run at this point too.

Both of these likely have t do with the long hours I've been putting in this month. I shouldn't look at my hours ever again. O_O

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