The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Living room
So... lady_fox and I had an idea.

Here is our living room before we changed it this weekend.

Living room

You can see our before room here. The walls are a really unexciting beige-yellow. Not really us, I mean.. look at our chairs.
Step 1: Tape all the edges around the room. This is boring, no photo.

Step 2: Take the color you chose to be the stripe color and paint the whole wall with it. It may take a coat or two. We got the great Behr primer + pigment stuff and only needed one coat to remove the beige. You can tell the different here on the support beam between the two halves of the room.
Living room

Step 3: After waiting a minimum of 12 hours, tape the stripe design on your walls. This is where you ask "Oh shit, is he serious?"
Living room

Yes. Yes, I am.
We used about 500 feet of tape of 1", 1.5", 2" or 3". We created two 6" stripes by carefully taping two 3" stripes next to each other. We just started on one wall and followed the angles around. There are a few that cross the entire room.

Step 4: Take the strip color again and lightly paint the outside edges of the tape. This seals the tape to the wall and dramatically reduces bleeding. It also makes your walls look like they're necrotizing, so: bonus.
Living room

Step 5: Take your "background" color and paint everything. We did two coats.
Living room

Step 6: After another 12 hours, remove the tape really, really, really carefully. We started on the opposite end we taped first to help trace the ultimate "on top" stripe and went from there.

Yes, we really did this. :)

Step 7: Show your friends.
Living room

Living room

Now there will be some bleeding but it is actually really easy to fix. The two layers of background color have created a ridge around the wall. All you have to do is dab the center of the strip and carefully push the paint into the overlapping areas with your detail brush. The ridge will generally protect you from painting onto the background. This, however, took us the better part of a day plus a few hours tonight.

But really. So worth it.
Colors: Smokey Blue (eggshell finish)/Gentle Rain (satin finish)

Et voila: Our freakin' awesome living room. As a side note, we replaced the floor lamp and wall sconces as well as added that neat little cube between the awesome chairs.
Next: replace the tragic carpet and paint the dining room!
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