The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

I Shouldn't Have To Struggle To Drink A Beer

Twelve point five miles yesterday, twice around the Arboretum. I remember the same time last year when I ran it the first time, a 7 mile stretch because I took a wrong turn. I ended up limping the last mile are so from sore feet. This time, I did walk more than I wanted the last 3 miles but I finally feel like I have the mental toughness to finish this race on Saturday.

Physically, I'm not where I want to be and will likely miss my goal time by a significant margin. Whether my goal was realistic or not doesn't really matter. I think what matters is that next year, I'll be able to run a 12 mile loop for fun which is something I never would have thought possible a year ago.

I'm thinking of it as less a race and more a long run. Really, I don't like competition with anyone who isn't me in any aspect of my life. I am my best and worst enemy, driving myself to be better all the time likely because I'm never good enough for myself.

We can discuss the healthiness of this belief at some distant date. I'll run to meet you there.

Running this much makes me want to run more, if you can imagine that.

I do know that beer is a great thing after a run like that and the glass shouldn't be so darn hard to get out of its holster.

Today has been surprisingly busy for only having existed for a few hours. So far I have

  • Been given a yellow flag for customer happiness.
  • Reassigned a workload because of bereavement leave.
  • Confronted/negotiated someone about leaving their position.
  • Investigated further, learned further details of a huge internal project.
  • Made myself a pot of delicious coffee.

    Well. This day isn't going to end itself!
    Last: A new Surreal Life
    I'm thinking "surreal" isn't really an accurate descriptor. Thoughts on a better name?

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