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I took today off. I'm glad but feeling really grumpy. It's the running, which still isn't going really well.
Race is in 9 days.

But! That is no matter. I'll get it.
This is the awesome thing I mentioned yesterday:
New Site

I found a way to pull together all the Internet Things I do - Twitter|Flickr|Tumblr|LJ|Etsy (in process)
So, everything updates my site within a few hours, depending on the speed of the APIs in question. But that's fine because it works. Additionally, you can follow any portion and comment however and I can respond on them. It's easy.

I'm still figuring out the best way to sell high quality prints easily, a fight really between Etsy and Fotomoto. Leaning to etsy at the moment. But, whatevs.

Go! Look! Tell me what you think.
Note: some fonts may look different on older computers and browsers.
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