The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Had an excellent 10 mile run today minus one thing - I ran it on a treadmill.
It is so much harder to get lost in the run when you're not really moving or listening to the TV. I'm not sure why I used to really like it. Two hours is dreadful on those machines. I can run in the arboretum for two or three hours and not notice. I think I run a tad slower over all but it sure as hell is far more invigorating and relaxing.

I did learn that I really dislike long runs in the Bikilas. What is a minor nuisance is infuriating over a longer distance. I don't know WHY I'm surprised, it is logical and obvious. On top of the magnified annoyance, I learned they retain water like bowls. And let me tell you: I sweat. A lot. Olympic caliber, could power Colorado with the drops sweat. And, when you get to a certain saturation point, sweat runs down your legs and into your shoes. This is unaceptable.

So.... I think I need to give in and replace my Sprints today. I will not run the half in those others.
I can't even name them. I'm sad.

Lastly, I did a test run carb load dinner last night which proved useful. I had great energy today until mile 7 when I got hungry. Had some jellies and water and was fine mostly til the end. Soba and peanut sauce wins for my pre-race meal. I suspect I should eat a bit more the morning of than I did today, I was lean on purpose as I didn't want to get queasy.

My runner highs are mellow but they last for hours.

I learned that one of my running idols runs for two or three hours a day. Wouldn't that be awesome? Of douse they're in Ashville which has a bajillion miles of trails.
Mm... Now I want to live in the mountains.
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