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13 beers in 13 miles.
Well. There's my weekend.
More dreams but no fun, random photo to accompany.

I had two dreams and haven't the time to explicate.
#1: Breaking into my college science building to steal ingredients for my O Chem project. One of my co-conspirators lit me on fire to save himself when we tripped an alarm.
#2: I met a man living in a successful polyamorous V relationship. He was living in Japan as an ex-pat and the two women were ex-pats from other countries. One of the girls didn't know he was poly but the other did and that he was seeing another. Eventually everyone came clean on a skyscraper over looking Sapporo, Hokkaido in the summer. Happy ending.

Much of these were wish fulfillment, I can tell that much.

Restaurant Week last night. Bluephies pork belly tacos. So good.
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