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    You know, stuff. Because I whine too much in longer entries
  • No, your Mom's a lemur. Really, you should just accept it.
    • Lemurs are serious business.
  • I bought a new alarm clock that is far too bright and, I think, it has been screwing with my sleep on top of work stress.
    • So I turned the face away from me and only remember waking up when light from downstairs turned on.
    • It's nice.
    • I'm feeling much better today.
  • Ran 4.5 miles yesterday and 7 on Monday. Nothing spectacular but better than nothing.
    • I'm not sore today but feel that over-all weariness in my legs.
    • Training is going poorly and I'm not sure how much of it was poor sleep or anything else.
    • Probably taking the next two days off and do some longer runs this weekend.
    • If the allure of the rain doesn't win.
  • Focusing a Holga lens is hard dude! The thing completely unscrews if you're not careful.

Now, to get coffee and eat my carrots and sugar snap peas. Mmmm.. breakfast veggies.
A good Inception joke involving BJs and Ellen Page.

I need to figure out a low GI taco shell. Tacos are my absolute favorite post0run foods and going to Taco Bell is really a terrible idea.

Ha! A message from Vibram to imitators.
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