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When I post at 2 am, obviously. I used the most recent mold post as it was the longest entry I've written in months.
Shorter entries garnered Stephen King. This is amusing as I'm not especially fond of King's writing style.

We bought a dehumidifyer last night, a heavy-duty 60pint-per-day model from LG - the highest rated AND the least expensive model ranked by Consumer Reports. I crawled around the water softener when I got home, checked tubes, seal and piping and everything is fine. I recharged it manually while watching and I'm pretty certain it is fine. But, in my general crawling, I noted some moisture at the base of the foundation wall in that space. It seems likely that the moisture is simply coming in through the brick/concrete what ever the foundation is. Thus: dehumidifer.

What this most likely means is that the basement is just damp and I'll have to keep an eye on it for the next few days to ensure the moisture levels reduce with the dehumidifer running. As for the odd leak in the den, I'm still thinking the bolts in the window could be the issue so I bought some silicon all-weather sealer at Home Despot to cap them off.

That leaves pulling up the den flooring to replace the bad boards and cutting a few windows in some of the sheet rock in a select, discrete spots to check behind where I found some mold. Just to be safe.

So. Feeling far less panicky. Slept relatively well last minus minus dehydration.

I have a headache today. I think it is because of happy hour.
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