The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

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    Things that are awesome
  1. Clean house.
  2. Eyes not itching from all the freakin' cat hair.
  3. Low humidity.
  4. Mass Effect.
  5. Getting up early.
    Things that are not awesome:
  1. Finding a little water damage near the den flooring.
  2. Finding mold in the den near said water damage and basement
  3. Inferring that all the ground water from the rain leaked in.
  4. Inferring that there is likely a leak in the den that caused said mold.
  5. Not knowing how to properly pull up flooring (yet)

So, cleaning the whole house is how we found the mold in the den which led me on a search in the basement to find a few other spots. There's no obvious moisture in the basement s I can likely solve the problems there with a dehumidifier. The one in the den near the apparent water damage is more troubling as it is on the far side of the flooring; thus, I'll have to remove all of the flooring to get ti it (unless I can peel up a few lengths by just removing the trim). On the plus side, we have extra lengths in storage from the previous owners so I can replace the bad ones. And.. sorta good is they never tacked down the area where the carpet and flooring meet so it'll be easy to disassemble the whole thing.

Now.. let's just hope it doesn't rain like crazy this week and make everything worse.

Also - remember to bleach the fuck out of everything again tonight.

Also also - any recommendations on HOW to deal with these issues would be greatly appreciated. I'm really just guessing on everything above as I have no experience in the matter.
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