The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

I wish I could orgthogonally propagate.

Edit: This title is misleading - this entry is as humdrum as it can get. Got really frustrated toward the end of work today. I think I re-addicted myself to caffeine last week and I'm going through withdrawal. Also, I've been really bad at keeping water in my cube. I need one of those gallon mug thingies to keep so I can take a swim every once and a while. Maybe steal earthdotprime's wading pool. Though I think some skanky things have been in there (not earthdotprime necessarily ;þ) like dream_speaker. Does he even read my journal? I read his. He's a butthead if he doesn't.

I have nothing pithy. I have no art. I only have a picture of myself. Apparently it's an edict that all lj users must take pictures of themselves in a mirror if they own a digital camera. I had been shirking up to this point. The camera is pissing me off. It is unable to capture anything that comes into my head any more. My imagination has severely outstripped my current camera's abilities. This is very, very frustrating. I have don'e nothing creative since Yggdrasil. I'm hoping I haven't peaked on that. While I really like it, I know I can do better. Need to convice lady_fox to model for me which would consist of, "put this on and pose over there," and we'd be off. This is especially true not that her belly has retreated. I think it ran off with mine.

I don't feel like talking anout any of the things that have popped into my head hmm..

Seem to have (sort of) burried the hatchet with the coworked that wanted to kill me for some stupid reasons, stupid not as in they are or I am, but stupid as in silly. I'm hoping it's less because this person is working in the same building with me again and more that they have calmed down and realized the ludicrousness of the whole thing. That will be better, potentially enriching.

Didn't get any more responses to the survey. One of my three morning meetings was canceled today... the one I had spent 2.5 hours preparing for today. Can I tell you how annoying that is?

It's annoying. But, I can still make that time not wasted. I found rought 16 issues with my application in that time. I'll report them and brow beat the division lead to get them fixed... Maybe I'll buy him a long sleeved hawaiian shirt... That's be fun.

Fucking hell. I'm gonta stop blatherin' now. This is useless. I fail to see how people are interested in minutae.

PS: Firefox ate my bookmarks a while back. Tell me what web comics you read. I've forgotten most of the ones I read.
    So far I Have:
  1. Machall
  2. Penny Arcade
  3. Ctrl+Alt+Del
  4. Applegeeks
  5. VG Cats -Thanks dragonflyknight
  6. A softer world
  7. Sexy Losers
  8. Homestar runner

I had like five or six more. I dislike Sinfest, Real World, RPG World, and Sluggy now. Got bored.

Blah blah. Go somewhere else for content.
Content's not here, man
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